Whether you were a member of the:

  • Ouachita Parish Community College Baptist Student Union
  • Northeast Louisiana University Baptist Student Union
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe Baptist Collegiate Ministry

You could agree that the BSU/BCM has been instrumental in the spiritual growth and leadership development of generations of students.


The ULM BCM has been one of the leading collegiate ministries in the country for decades.  There are many years of memories and many lives changed at that BCM building on University Avenue.  Time has given us decades of great stories and years of spiritual growth but has also taken its toll on the BCM facility.  One thing that Baptists do well is giving facilities plenty of use, and the current building has given around 50 years of service.


Together we are embarking on a project to establish a ministry facility at ULM that will reach the next generation of college students. We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of this effort.


The new BCM facility will be built on the existing property at ULM after the original building is removed.  The entrance to the building will be brought to the corner of University Avenue and Cameron Street to bring the building closer to the campus.  Once students enter the BCM there will be an open lobby area with seating, a study/coffee bar, and a tall open celling. To the left of the entrance will be a game room (so the ping-ponging tradition can continue) and a large meeting room. To the right will be the staff office suite which will give our staff full view of the students coming and going. The center of the building will be the entrance to the multi-purpose room which will be the new home of the worship service and 12:01 lunch program.  This room will contain a built in serving line and storage for tables, chairs, and sound equipment.  This room will seat 300-400 for worship and 200-300 for dining and will have sound and video capabilities to use for both programs. On the University Ave. side of the  BCM will be two floors of apartments housing up to 8 students. This facility will use the existing parking at the back of the BCM and will have additional spaces added near the student housing. This building will be positioned to house the ULM BCM for decades and will be an exciting addition to the campus.



Allen Goodwin from West Monroe, LA

When I came to ULM during the fall of 2012, getting involved in a campus ministry did not fit into my plans at all. College was going to be all about doing what was the best for me, not for others. And besides, I knew enough about Jesus that I didn’t think I needed the BCM in order to grow that relationship. When, by chance, I went to an event one night just for the free food, my plans were all changed. I was exposed to adults that loved me before they knew me and cared more about my life and growth than themselves. I met a group of my peers that lived out their faith in such an active way that it was obvious that Jesus had completely changed their lives. It was at the BCM and as a result of all of these people that I finally learned the truth of the gospel and who Jesus was. It was because of the ministry done at the BCM that I truly gave my life to Christ.


Hannah Nyman: From Shreveport, LA

Before starting college I never thought that I could be involved in serving the Lord through missions. When I came to college I got the opportunity to serve through the ULM BCM in Asia, Greece, and the United States.  Being a part of the BCM has helped me reshape my view of missions and helped me develop a passion for sharing the gospel. I am very appreciative of the mission opportunities  provided while I was in college and look forward to continue serving after I graduate.

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