BCM Gola Missions Beard/Pie Auction

One of the biggest Missions Fundraising events of the year for BCM is the Beard and Pie Auction. BCM students agree to help raise funds for student missions by offering their facial hair for auction to be shaved in any style the auction winner desires and the result must be kept for 24 hours. Students also agree to bake and prepare a pie to be part of a silent auction giving the winner the option to take it home and eat or throw the pie in the baker’s face. This fun night helps raise funds for missions projects through the ULM BCM and GOLA Missions through Louisiana Baptist BCM.

Parents, Alumni, and Friends of BCM can take part and virtually sponsor a student with funds for the auction. BCM Students give sacrificially each year, but have only the limited funds of a college student to use at the auction. Your on-line gift will be designated to be used by a student to help bid during the auction. On-line donations will be combined with student contributions to help send students to all parts of our state, nation, and world to share the Gospel. Thank you for taking part by clicking on Donate button below or fill out the form with any questions.


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